Check out the feedback from our clients!

Check Transport

SemperFi Transports went above and beyond to make sure our shipment arrived exactly when needed. Their great performance on the first haul made us to consider picking them as a long-term partner.

Rodriguez Enterprises

Choosing Semperfi Transports company was a smart move for our business. Their professionalism stands out in the trucking industry. From on-time deliveries to excellent customer service, Semperfi consistently exceeds our expectations.

Prime Freight Co.

SemperFi trucking company dedicated lanes have significantly optimized our operations, resulting in improved efficiency and a positive impact on our bottom line. We are more than happy to work with that company.

Barnes Distribution

The nature of our products demands careful handling during transportation. SemperFi Transports has proven their ability to deliver goods in perfect condition. The best thing is that they do it fast!

ProLogistics Group

Fast and safe – that’s how Semper team done our order. Looking forward for further cooperation!

RapidCargo Solutions

We want to thank the dispatchers from semper for their great work with our time-sensitive order! Everything came in order and we were constantly updated on the status of the delivery.

Dunestar Inc.

SemperFi Transports always gets our goods where they need to be on time. Their speed and reliability in meeting delivery deadlines make them a go-to partner for our transportation needs.

Blackwood Freight

We count on semperfi for safe and timely deliveries. Their commitment to safety is evident in every shipment, which means a lot for us!

Zap Transports

SemperFi consistently exceeds our expectations when it comes to delivering goods on time. Their efficient and speedy services have been crucial in keeping our supply chain running smoothly.

Grace Logistics

The team at SemperFi Transports deserves praise for their excellent customer service. From handling inquiries to providing updates on shipments, they always ensure a positive customer experience.

FastTrack Freight

Our experience with SemperFi Transports has been great, thanks to their dispatcher work. Their team keeps us informed and ensures our shipments are on track! Great work!

TopLine Logistics

The dispatcher team at SemperFi is top-notch. Their quick and efficient coordination ensures our shipments are always on the right track, making our logistics process hassle-free."

Liberty Carriers

SemperFi is one of the companies that just does its job and don’t get on your nerves. Everything is on time and safe, and that’s what we count as great performance!

Global Freightways

SemperFi trucking company is a reliable partner. When you give an order to them – they complete it as needed, sometimes even before the deadline. And they always kept me updated on their status, which was very useful. Great company!

DuraTrans Logisticssport

Always on time and always on the phone. That’s Semperfi we know. And we’d prefer it to stay that way.


Semper company is our trusted partner for timely deliveries. Their commitment to meeting deadlines is commendable. We've worked together for a while now, and they consistently deliver on time. Huge thanks to SemperFi for their reliability.

Techo Inc.

SemperFi has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. They not only make promises but also deliver on them consistently. The experienced team at SemperFi has played a crucial role in enhancing our logistics operations. We especially want to note the work of their dispatcher team, which was keeping us informed about every detail of the delivery in real-time.

Vistari Co.

Punctuality is key in our business, and SemperFi helps us to stick to this principle. They are a reliable partner, and we hope to continue working with them.

Cargo Trail

SemperFi is a good partner. They eagerly take on work and always manage to fit into the deadline. And their dispatch team does a great job, too! A good company, for sure.


SemperFi provided top service of the assigned loads. Everything was fast and the goods were safe. We’ve also received no complaints from our clients, which really shows their skill.

John M. - Owner-Operator

Yo, SemperFi's got it going! They hook me up with good runs, slick trucks, and a fair cut of the cash. It's like they actually care about us drivers, and I'm stoked to roll with them.

Samantha T. - Company Driver (Solo)

Man, these trucks are legit, and the pay's always rolling in every week. Safety's their jam, and it makes me feel solid out there on the road? Big shoutout to semperfi for keeping it real.

Michael R. - Company Driver (Solo)

Dispatch at Semperfi is on point. They hit me up 24/7, and the driver crew is tight. Loving those dedicated lanes and the constant tracking – makes every trip easy.

Alex L. - Lease Operator

Props to Semper company for those dedicated lanes, fresh rigs, and the chance to level up from driver to owner-operator. It's a sweet spot for anyone looking to climb up.

Jessica L. - Lease-Operator

SemperFi's dispatch team is fire, locking in those dedicated lanes that keep me rolling and earning. The gear is top-notch, and the 24/7 tracking keeps things smooth. SemperFi Transports? They really got love for their crew.

Carlos G. - Company Driver

SemperFi got the hookup for team drivers like me. We're cruising on dedicated lanes, the rigs are solid, and the cash flow is steady.

Emily B. - CompanyDriver

Shoutout to SemperFi for getting me on the road as a student driver. The training's legit, the instructors are patient, and now I'm rolling solo and feeling confident.

Jake S. - Owner-operator

They've got the routes, the gear is A+, and the dispatch crew keeps it smooth. Proud to rep SemperFi Transports on the regional roads.

Taylor K. - OTR Driver

On the open road with Semperfi – it's a vibe! Solid miles, cool rigs, and the dispatcher crew is dialed in.

Casey D. - Owner-Operator

As a vet in the trucking game, I can say SemperFi Transports lives up to its name. They've got my six with dedicated lanes, reliable rigs, and a team that respects the hustle.

Maria R. - Lease Operator

Keeping it local with SemperFi – they know the routes, the gear is legit, and payday is never a letdown.

Chris H. - Owner-Operator

Thumbs up to SemperFi for those night runs! The dispatcher crew is on it, the lanes are steady, and the rigs are lit up for the night shift. SemperFi Transports knows how to own the night.

Pat M. - Company Driver

Chillin' with SemperFi on the reefer routes. They've got the coolers running, the lanes are fresh, and the paychecks are icy. This company keeping it cool on the road.

Jamie F. - Company Driver

SemperFi's family-friendly vibe is the real deal. They've got options for family drivers like me, reliable trucks, and the dispatcher team is like family too. SemperFi Transports – where family matters.

Morgan W. - Lease-Operator

SemperFi takes speed to a whole new level on the expedited lanes. Quick runs, reliable trucks, and a team that understands the need for speed.

Max L. - Company Driver

Rolling with semperfi on the flatbed scene – solid loads, secure straps, and a team that values safety. It's a flat-out awesome experience with semperfi Transports.

Joe L. - Company Driver

Work is good, team is supporting, and the pay comes on time. Good place to work here.

Lisa C. - Owner-Operator

Dedicated lanes are what sold the SemperFi to me. I like the stability they offer, although the work is sometimes hard.

Ryan P. - Company Driver

I feel like home here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They always help me to solve any problems on the road.

Jordan H. - Owner-Operator

It’s nice being loaded with work. And it’s even nicer when the pay for it comes on time and is good. I like this company.